Segumpal hasrat hendak kupacu

Tapi kerikil kehidupan menghalangi langkahku

Biarkan angan itu berkembang

Biarkan mimpi itu membentang

Karena secercah cahaya akan menerangi

Hingga hidup ini menjadi putih bersih dan wangi

8 Responses to “Home”
  1. henny says:

    I don’t know Morpho to Syntax before, I think its sometimes dificult to learn, but with U Mr.Umar. I believe that I can do it well. Thanks for Ur spirit, what should I do for “memperbaiki” my Quiz? When I collect it? because I got bad score Sir. Ur Blog is very excellent.

  2. Abu Hasan al-Asy'ari says:

    when we say no, it means we limit our posibilities given by our God for being as great as we can. if we never say no, something will come without any warning to test our commitment and it will try to change our “YES” become “NO”. if we can keep our “YES”. we have already win although we are still in process become the winner. Makasih bapak atas semua yg udh di kasihin ke kami kami, Two thumbs up for u Mr. Umar. 🙂

  3. Nurul Fitriana says:

    Sir.. I am gonna miss u so much… I hope that in the next semester we could meet again… At the firts time I tought that morphology its really hard for me… But with your method anything looks like easier .. Thank u so much… 😀

  4. Arbayah PPS says:

    I was very pleased with the method you use in teaching, actually I am ashamed to talk in English, but you always give spirit to all students, never tired to teach us.

  5. Lilik Z PPs says:

    sir,,thanks a lot for your teach..if i found it from the last year maybe I can speak english very well..
    and i hope we could meet u in the next semester..hehe..#I’m Sorry if any mistakes in this sentences.

  6. suriansyah mansyah says:

    thanks you sir,,,, for the guidance learning successful hopefully we can all learn English on campus and off campus ….

  7. Sir, when will u post new posting about phonology?? Because it’s our subject in this 5th semester and I really need to learn it as soon as possible,sir. Thanks 🙂

  8. Nina says:

    Assalamualaikum.. thank you sir, for your guidance in the Intensive course, it’s easy for me to follow your course and I felt all your material that given are good to understand

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