PPS PAI STAIN Smd Meeting 7

MEETING 7: Interesting Place

1.     Review of the previous lesson.

  • My Hobby
  • Daily Routines
  • My Family/My Good Friend
  • My Planning



Speaking Situation


Your parent/husband/wife will give you some money as a present for your achievement. You can use the money to visit the following cities. What city do you choose? Describe the city! Why do you choose the city? Write two paragraphs about it!

Jakarta, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Makassar, Bandung


2.       Reading


The still-active Bromo volcano is a day’s drive from Surabaya. Standing on top of this almost 2400 metre high mountain is an unforgettable experience. The Bromo crater suddenly rises up in the middle of a sea of sand ‘lautan passir’. Looking down from the top of the Bromo into the smoking crater, combined with the view over the 10 km long Tengger massif is, we would guess, like standing on the moon.

Although one must get started by three o’clock in the morning and walk for an hour through the sea of sand to get the best sunrise view, it is worth your effort. During the rainy season it is better wait until after sunrise for climbing Bromo, which then can be cloudy at dawn. The Bromo highlands are also an important centre for traditional Hindu Javanese beliefs. In the 15th century many Hindu believers fled to the mountains for a safe haven for the upcoming Moslem rulers.



Answer the following questions:

  1. Where is the location of Mt. Bromo?
  2. How to get the best sunrise view at Mt. Bromo?
  3. What do you think about Mt. Bromo?
  4. What is the most interesting place you ever visit? Tell the class


3.       Listening


This is the VOA Special English Education Report.

Recently we told you about a finding that more years of (1)_________ could help students get higher scores on intelligence tests. That was the finding of a study of teenage males in Norway. Now, other research (2)_______ that physical activity may help students do better in their (3)__________.

The research comes as educators in some countries are reducing time for activities like physical (4)___________. They are using the time instead for academic subjects like math and reading.

Researchers at VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam reviewed the results of (5)____________ studies. Twelve were from the United States, one from Canada and (6)_________ from South Africa.

The studies appeared between nineteen ninety-seven and two thousand (7)____________. They included more than fifty-five thousand children, ages six to (8)____________.

Researcher Amika Singh says the studies showed a link (9)_________ physical activity and scores on subjects such as math, English and reading.

AMIKA SINGH: “Based on the results of our study we can conclude that being physically active is beneficial for (10)__________ performance.”

Ms. Singh offers some possible explanations.

AMIKA SINGH: “There are, first, physiological explanations, like more blood flow, and so more oxygen to the (11)_________. Being physically active means there are more hormones produced like endorphins. And endorphins make your stress level lower and your mood improved, which means you also (12)___________ better.”

Also, students involved in organized sports learn rules and how to follow them. This could improve their classroom (13)___________ and help them keep their mind on their work.

The (14)____________ leaves some questions unanswered, however. Ms. Singh says it is not possible to say whether the amount or kind of activity affected the level of academic improvement. This is because of (15)_____________ among the studies.

Also, they were mostly observational studies. An observational study is where researchers do not do controlled (16)________________. They only describe what they observe. So they might observe a link that students who are more active (17)___________ have better grades. But that does not necessarily mean being active was the cause of those higher grades.

The researchers said they found only (18)_________ high-quality studies. They called for more high-quality studies to confirm their (19)__________. They also pointed out that “outcomes for other parts of the world may be quite different.”

Still, the (20)____________ finding was that physically active kids are more likely to do better in school. Ms. Singh says schools should consider that finding before they cut physical education (21)__________. Her Amike Singh’s paper on “Physical Activity and Performance at School” is published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.

And that’s the VOA Special English Education Report. I’m Alex Villarreal.


4.       Translate these sentences into English

1)       Lucky sedang membeli 3 tas di mall sekarang.

2)       Seorang guru membantu kami setiap hari Senin.

3)       Kamu akan membeli bakso besok.

4)       Saya akan mengunjungi teman saya besok.

5)       Kamu berenang dengan seorang penyanyi dua hari yang lalu.

6)       Kami harus belajar setiap hari.

7)       Sari minum segelas susu setiap malam.

8)       Dona minum segelas kopi kemarin.

9)       Lucy telah minum 5 gelas air.


5.       Find and Correct the Mistakes!

1)     Tere have a new friend.

2)     Sariyem Spears is study English now.

3)     You is listening to the music now.

4)     We will to eat a orange.

5)     You buy three ruler last weekend.

6)     Ricky play football with he last Saturday.

7)     Sari and Budi plays badminton every afternoon.

8)     I am drink a glass of water every afternoon.

9)     Sari is drink a glasses of milk every morning.

10) Sherly have eat two apple.

11) I have play football with Paino Beckam.


6.       Listening

Denpasar Moon – Maribeth


Denpasar moon, shining on an (1)__________ street
I returned to the (2)__________ we used to meet
Denpasar moon, (3)__________  your light and let me (4)___________
That my love is still (5)___________ there for me


I saw you (6)____________ there
Through the rain I (7)__________ you turn and (8)___________
Were you (9)__________ to me
Through the rain I ran (10)__________ the street.


But you were gone, there was no one
You had vanished with my dreams.

Back to (*)


But you were gone, there was no one
You were gone, (11)____________ homeward
You were gone, there was no one
You had vanished with my dreams

Back to (*) Denpasar moon..



Laugh and Stay Young


Good Question

Attending a wedding party for the First time, a little girl whispers to her Mother, “why is the bride dressed in White?”

“Because white is the color of  Happiness, and today is the happiest Day of her life,”

The child thinks about this for a  Moment, then says, “So why is the Groom wearing black?”


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