PPS PAI STAIN Smd Meeting 6

MEETING 6: My Planning: Future T

1.       Review the last lessons

  • My Hobby
  • Daily Routines
  • My Family/My Good Friend

2.       Reading and Speaking


Next Sunday, I will go to my friend’s house. My good friend, Leny, is going to have a birthday party. She invites me to come to her party.

I’ll go there with Yudi, my best friend. Yudi is Leni’s friend, too. We will have a good time at the party.

After the party, I’ll go to lembuswana mall. I want to play some games at TimeZone. It will be interesting. I like games.

In the afternoon, I will play football with my friends in front of the house. Football is my favorite sport. I love it.

That’s my planning next weekend.


  1. Get in pairs; tell your planning to your partner.
  2. Tell your planning to the class

3.       Listening

        When a Textbook is Online, Not on Paper

Electronic books have changed the way many people read for pleasure. Now online textbooks are changing the way some students (1)_________ and some teachers (2)_________.

More than one hundred seventy-five thousand students attend the public schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, outside Washington. Last year, the school system used digital books in (3)_________ schools. This school year, middle schools and high schools changed from printed to (4)____________ textbooks in their social studies classes.

Luke Rosa is a history teacher at Falls Church High School. His students work on school laptop computers. He explains the idea to them this way.

LUKE ROSA: “I mean, it’s just like a regular textbook, except it’s got it all (5)________.”

Peter Noonan, an assistant superintendent of schools, says with electronic textbooks, publishers can quickly update the content with the latest (6)_____________.

PETER NOONAN: “The world’s (7)____________ consistently. And the online textbooks can change right along with the events that are happening.”

Digital books also cost less than printed textbooks, he says.

PETER NOONAN: “Usually it’s in the neighborhood of between fifty and (8)__________ dollars to buy a textbook for each student, which adds up to roughly (9)___________________  dollars for all of our students in Fairfax County. We actually have purchased all of the online textbooks for our students for just under (10)__________________ dollars.”

So what do students think?

MELANIE REUTER: “I don’t have to (11)__________ a textbook around, so that’s nice.”

MARIA STEPHANY: “I don’t like it because the Internet sometimes, it’s like, doesn’t work.”

BRIAN TRAN: “You can highlight your work. You can (12)____________ notes on your work and it’ll all be saved onto your account. It’s a lot better than a regular textbook.”

Social studies teacher Michael Bambara says the e-book he uses in his (13)____________ class is better than a printed textbook. He likes the way it has materials for students with different levels of reading skills.

MICHAEL BAMBARA: “Particularly this book that I use in government has differentiated reading levels. So a person can individualize their learning and I can individualize their (14)________________.”

But the students also need access to the Internet when they are not at school. About (15)____________ percent of students in Fairfax County do not have a computer or online access at home. Stephen Castillo is one of them.

STEPHEN CASTILLO: “Pretty much I go to, like, the library, I guess, or go to a friend’s house.”

Public libraries in the county have (16)___________ Internet. There are also after-school computer labs as well as computer clubhouses supported by the county. Middle school student Slieman Hakim is happy about that. He says his family has to (17)____________ a single computer at home.

SLIEMAN HAKIM: “All of my family works on a computer, my (18)__________ and me both do our homework on it. So I come here to do my homework. It’s good.”

Other school systems in the area are also considering online textbooks. In Prince George’s County, Maryland, a survey showed that (19)________ percent of students have computer access at home. Curriculum Director Gladys Whitehead says an e-book test project is being planned.

GLADYS WHITEHEAD: “Next year we’ll just have a pilot with probably one classroom and one subject area, so that we can see, you know, what issues will come up with (20)_____________ online access.”

And that’s the VOA Special English Education Report.

From: voaspecialenglish.com

4.       Translate these sentences into English

1)     Tommy sedang membaca puisi sekarang.

2)     Saya akan mengerti Bahasa Inggris.

3)     Lana membantu saya setiap sore.

4)     Lani akan membantu mereka Sabtu depan.

5)     Kami akan menonton OVJ nanti malam.

6)     Saya membeli tas baru bulan lalu.

7)     Mereka bisa mengerti bahasa Inggris.

8)     Linda menonton Kartun kemaren.


5.       Find and Correct the Mistakes!

1)     She will did the homework tomorrow morning.

2)     They swimming at the pool at the present.

3)     We see a interesting movie last night.

4)     She playing badminton last night.

5)     I study English at LKPVIP two day ago.

6)     She have two beautiful daughter and one son.

7)     She cooking in the kitchen two hour ago.

8)     She dranks two glass of orange juice last week.

9)     Welly invite I every Sunday.

10)  We always eat a apple every night.


Focus on Writing: Write your daily activities.

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