PPS PAI STAIN Smd Meeting 5

MEETING 5: Family and Friends

1.       Review the last lessons

  • My Hobby
  • Daily Routines

2.       Speaking Practice

My Family

Hi, my name is Eric. I want to talk about my family.
I have two children. Their names are Rama and Zahwa. Rama is 10 years old. Zahwa is 8 years old. Rama is in the fifth grade of elementary school. Zahwa is in the second grade. Rama likes playing football and playing kites. Zahwa likes playing a doll.

My wife’s name is Aneyfa. She is 30 years old. She is a government employee. She works at governor office. She goes to her office every day. She goes there by motor cycle. My wife is an expert in cooking. I love her cooking very much. She always makes a big meal on weekend. I love my family.

My Friend Surya

My friend’s name is Surya. Surya is from Bandung. He is married and has two children. His wife, Janah, is a Javanese. She is from Surabaya. Surya and Janah work in the junior high school. They are teachers.

Their children are Flora and Hardy. Flora goes to school with her mother. Hardy goes to school with Surya. Hardy’s school is near from his office.

Surya likes fishing. He and I often go fishing together to Muara Badak, about 20 minutes away from Samarinda. We go there by Hardy’s car. We always go fishing on Saturday. I enjoy fishing together. It’s my hobby and I can do it with one of my best friends.


  • Read the two passages about family and friend.
  • Tell about your family and friends, practice them with your pair and then to the class.

3.       Reading


Joe is a lazy boy. He does not like to read and write. He likes to play with the other lazy boys.

Every morning he gets up late, and goes to school late. Very often, he is absent from school.

At home he never helps his mother. When she tells him to do something, he goes out to catch birds in the woods. If his school-mates tell him not to do so, he is angry with them.

So everybody does not like him. He has no friends at all.


Task: Read, and translate the text above.

4.       Listening Section

Listen to the recording, learn the vocabularies.

Having a Best Friend

Lucy    :    I’m so excited! My friend, Marlene, is coming to town for a (1) _________.

Buddy :    Have I (2)______ Marlene?

Lucy    :    No, I don’t think so. We (3)____ up together and we were always joined at the hip.

Buddy :    When I was little, I had a friend like that. We were (4)_______ brothers.

Lucy    :    Yeah, Marlene and I did everything together and she was my confidant about (5)__________.

Buddy :    She (6)________ like a great friend.

Lucy    :    Yeah, she always had my back and I could always (7)_______ on her to give it to me straight.

Buddy :    A friend like that is hard to come by. Are you still (8)_______?

Lucy    :    Not as close as I’d like. We live in (9)_______ cities and it’s hard to keep up with what’s happening in each other’s lives.

Buddy :    I can see that. Does she know you’re getting (10)_______?

Lucy    :    No, I wanted to (11)_______ the news to her face-to-face.

Buddy :    Why? I would have thought you’d want to (12)____ her the good news right away.

Lucy    :    Well, I want her to be my maid of honor and I’m not (13)______ how she’ll react to the dress she’ll have to wear.

Buddy :    Is it that (14)________?

Lucy    :    My (15)_____ mother-in-law picked it out and I can’t say “no.” Here’s a picture of it.

Buddy :    Well, I’m (16)______ she’s such a good friend, because if anything can break up a friendship, it’s that dress.

From: eslpod.com





Now listen to the song!

Fill in the blank after you listen to the song from the recorder


Mother, how are you today?

Here is a (1) ………… from your (2)………….

With (3)……… every thing is Okay

Mother, How are you today

Mother, don’t worry I’m (4)……………….

I promise to see you this (5)………………..

This time will be no (6)……………

Mother, how are you today

I found the knight of my (7) …………………

Next time you will get to (8)…………… him

Many things (9) ………… while I was (10) ………..

Mother, How are you today.

5.       Choose the correct answer


Amir is a diligent student, but Hasan is a …….. student.
A. Smart
B. Kind
C. Lazy
D. Clever


Nining and Dewi …….. studying English now.
A. Is
B. Are
C. Am
D. It


Every morning my mother goes to the …….. to buy some vegetables.
A. Restaurant
B. Hotel
C. Hospital
D. Market


…….. is a place for travelers to stay.
A. Restaurant
B. Hotel
C. Hospital
D. Market


Someone who gives us information about hotel is ……..
A. Receptionist
B. Room boy
C. Manager
D. Security


The students can borrow some books in the ……..
A. Pharmacy
B. Laboratory
C. Museum
D. Library


Indonesia has …….. seasons.
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four


6.       Translate these sentences into English

1)     Saya akan belajar bahasa Inggris dengan guru saya.

2)     Kami membeli 3 tas setiap bulan.

3)     Vina membaca tiga buku setiap hari.

4)     Vira dan Ira minum segelas teh setiap pagi.

5)     Iwan Fals menyanyikan 10 lagu tadi malam

6)     Saya sedang belajar dengan teman-teman saya sekarang.

7)     Donny sedang tidur sekarang.

8)     Vina membaca surat saya kemarin.

9)     Dian memasak nasi kemarin.

7.       Find and Correct the Mistakes!

1)     She is play badminton at the moment.

2)     Willy study English hard every day.

3)     Two man is painting the wall now.

4)     They complaining about the fuel now.

5)     You always cry last year.

6)     He visits me last night.

7)     I see they yesterday.

8)     I am buy a bag every month.

9)     There is ten books on the table.

10)You get two beautiful necklace yesterday.



Math Lesson

The teacher asked little Doni if he knows the number.

“Yes,” he said. “I do, my father taught me.”

“Good. What comes after three?”

“Four,” answer little Doni.

“What comes after six?”


“Very good,” says the teacher. “Your father did a good job.  What comes after ten?”


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  1. bagus nih meeting nya, semoga sukses deh

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