The Task of Morphosyntax Meeting 11

The Task of Morphosyntax Meeting 11
Determine the lexical categories of the italic and bold words below.
1. She gives the flower water every day =
2. Anyone can be a star who are able to reach the top =
3. I’ve been studying English for two years =
4. Ouch! That hurts! =
5. I often find some happy students to learn English =
6. I only had two glasses of water =
7. The kids are playing the guitar attractively =
8. I stay in a boarding house next to STAIN Samarinda=
9. She herself believe in you, why you don’t =
10. Lyla came to campus and she continued doing her homework=
11. After he had learned English, Ali felt more confident. =
12. You have ever met a famous singer in Samarinda =
13. The new singer who won the song fest was my close friend =
14. Robert will see us at the newest café =
15. The most beautiful girl in this campus is mine =
16. Open your books and turn to the first lesson =
17. This is going to be very difficult for her =
18. Well, what did he say? =

Submitted before: Monday,28 May 2012, 3pm.

3 Responses to “The Task of Morphosyntax Meeting 11”
  1. sutini indrawati says:

    Thanks for all…….

  2. Idarotus tsani says:

    thank U sir,,
    that is difficul lesson,
    but I belive,i can do it,
    emm,,,U have a good ability in english,,

    i wont to have a good ability like U,

    i wont to ask with U,
    how to get more spirit in english,,

    and the last,sory sir,if i don’t polite whit U,,

  3. SY. Nadira AA says:

    thank’s sir, i will this task 😀

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