Sociolinguistics Meeting 9

Meeting 9: Speech Community

Sociolinguistics is the study of language use within or among groups of speakers.
People can group together for one or more reasons: social, religious, political, cultural, familial, vocational, etc.
Different speech communities may have different ways of speaking. For instance, in an American college, there might be particular slang terms that only black students know.
Speech community is not only a group of people who use the same variety, but also a group of people who have the same norms for its appropriate use.

Speech Situation, Speech Event, and Speech Act
Speech situation is situation associated with speech, e.g:ceremonies, fights, hunts, etc.
Speech events are both communicative and governed by the rules for the use of speech. A speech event takes place within a speech situation and is composed of one or more speech acts. As illustration, a joke might be a speech acts that is a part of a conversation (a speech event) which takes place at a party (a speech situation).
Speech act is one that focuses on the utterances in the discussion of how to do something by saying word. In a greeting, for example, if one person greets another, the person would expect a return greeting. If the other person does not return the greeting, it might mean that the greeted person is angry with the greeter or he/she did not hear the greeting.

Sample Speech Act are apologizing, greeting, giving/asking information, complaining, arguing, etc.

PLAY  Angry at Mirror and Monkey Mirror

Tugas: Find sample of Speech act In Bahasa Indonesia; permintaan maaf, larangan, menyapa, menegur, memarahi, makian, pujian, etc.

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