Discourse Analysis Practice

Discourse Analysis Practice

Former child star Leony turns to directing

JAKARTA: Former child star Leony Vitria Hartanti has found a new career, behind the camera.

The 24 year old says she has swapped her singing career for directing. “I am not interested in being a singer anymore. I am into directing now,” she said as quoted by kompas.com recently.

The star, who became famous for singing in the kid music group Trio Kwek Kwek, retired from her career as a professional singer seven years ago.

Leony, who claims to dislike being popular, said she only sung at religious gatherings nowadays.

She was recently assistant director to famous moviemaker Aria Kusumadewa, in his recent film Kentut (Fart).

Taken from: www.thejakartapost.com



Analyze the Sentence Structure of the Text!

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