Translation Final Test


Day           :

Date          :

Subject      : Translation

Instructor  : Umar Fauzan, S.Pd., M.Pd.


a)      Answer the three questions below clearly and briefly

b)      Translate the text (A) into Bahasa Indonesia, and text (B) into English


  1. What is translation?
  2. How to make a good translation?
  3. If you find any untranslatable words in translating a text, what will you do?

Text A.

In our neighborhood community, there are two separate local Islamic gatherings, for men and women respectively. Each gathering is done once a month on the first week of the month-on Saturday evening for men and on Friday afternoon for women, after the ashar prayer. Each gathering begins with the collective reading aloud of Surah Yasin (From the Qur’an), followed by tahlilan, and finally by a brief religious talk given by a highly respected ustadz in out neighborhood. It seems that the local Islamic gathering, not only in our neighborhood community but also in other places, is a good means of creating social harmony.

Text B.

Saya lahir di Surabaya. Ketika berumur 12 tahun saya sudah membuat sebuah lagu berjudul “My Best friend”. Lagu itu bercerita tentang dua orang remaja yang bersekolah di SD 001. Mereka selalu belajar dan pergi ke perpustakaan bersama. Sayang, mereka harus berpisah karena salah satu dari mereka pindah ke kota lain.

»»» Good Luck »»»

13 Responses to “Translation Final Test”
  1. Syafrianus Martinus says:

    i hope i can…answer the questions well………then get A..

  2. Akhmad Heriyadi says:

    Yeahhhh…, You Can say that again Saf…,

  3. maria magdalena k.l. says:

    i hope i can do my bets

  4. rachel wagosina says:

    feelin’ sick when i got this final test..hehehehe

  5. wapain says:

    Mr. Umar, kenapa baru mau masuk kalas baru ada kabar ambil soalnya d web??????….

  6. sri rahayu abidin says:

    sir..knp nda lewat email ngumpulnya????

  7. Fenty Eka Sulistya ningtyas says:

    beginnig to final test ………….

  8. darmawansah lavoe says:

    I’m done Sir 😉

  9. Siti Dewi Budiana says:

    i will try it

  10. Piuz says:

    sir this is the first time for us online examination, a good final test>>>>

  11. Hidayatullah says:

    kreatif n inovatif banget..

  12. Hidayatullah says:

    New concept for the final test form hehehehe..

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