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Gayus admits receiving money from companies over tax cases

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Thu, 03/06/2010 10:18

Graft suspect Gayus Halomoan Tambunan, a former officer at the Directorate General of Taxation, has said he received bribe money from companies to manipulate their taxes, a lawyer says.

“However, I don’t know the exact amount of money,” lawyer Pia Nasution said Thursday as quoted by She refused to reveal the names of the companies on the grounds that the information was court material.

Pia said that her client had handled taxes of Bakrie Group, which is owned by businessman and Golkar Party chief Aburizal Bakrie. “[Bakrie Group] is among the companies that he handled, but I don’t know whether the group transfered money or not,” she added.

Gayus has been named a graft suspect for illegally amassing Rp 25 billion (US$2.7 million) from taxpayer.

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19 Responses to “TRANSLATION MID TEST”
  1. erry says:

    I’ll do it as soon as possible

  2. ayu says:

    wuahhhhhhhhhhhhhh its too difficult…

  3. ayu says:

    i hope i will get A….

  4. wa pain says:

    it’s Complecated

  5. S. Dewi Budiana says:

    i will try it. . . .

  6. get score A seemed most reasonable to me ..hihihihihi…:-P

  7. Prince of dayanish(shafry) says:

    so…difficult……..i hope i will get A+

  8. A. Heriyadi says:

    Present Sir!.
    Wow!, Gayus is a cool man

  9. hesrodi says:

    i guess the text is very interesting for me……it’s about politic and i like it…….i hope will get a good score……..

  10. darmawansah lavoe says:

    bonsoir, monsieur! compte sur moi, je terminerai ce travail. merci

  11. mara magdalena says:

    pak,… lumayan memusingkan,.. hehehe

  12. Fenty Eka S says:

    I’ve done it , sir. and I’ve just sent it to you. I think it’s quite hard, especially in the second paragraph, in this sentence “……… on the ground……”, it can’t be translated part by part unless it will have different meaning and will not integrate with another part of the paragraph.

    About your website, I think it’s very nice for us, and especially for me . it contains many education information that must be known by student of university. I will open it if I have spare time.

    I think enough for my comment. thank you, sir.

  13. Vetni amat says:

    its easy sir,,,,,,,xexexexxee……for the next test, i hope it will be easiest……….ocehhh?????

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