Umar Fauzan


6 Responses to “Umar Fauzan”
  1. Idarotus tsani says:

    thanks U sir,,
    U always spirit every U come at the Class,,
    i wont to ask with U sir,
    how to get big spirit for study,,?
    Before U answer,I wont to say,thanks For U’r answer,,

  2. maidinyanti says:

    thank’s U sir for your study
    I hope, I can be better than before 🙂

  3. Fatimah says:

    Thanks for your spirit sir,,,,,,,,,when you come in our class, you always give us spirit,,,,

  4. Rachma says:

    I like your style teaching English, sir . I hope .. I can as you (one day) .. and thank for your spirit !

  5. hesty hasanah says:

    method teaching speaking that you give for our class is really interesting and make us be better, especialy for me.. 🙂

  6. Yordanus says:

    Hello Pak Umar, I’m Yordanus your former student from West Kutai.Thank you very much for your supported during my study at Our beloved Campus.Wish keep in touch with all of our friend here.I’m available

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