Classroom Action Research

The objectives of Classroom Action Research design is to find strategies or learning techniques not existing or developed yet by other researchers. We are developing, changing, modifying, clarifying, and improving the strategy.

Focus On in CAR:

Finding the Problems : What need to be improved? How to improved?

The Procedures of CAR:

Planning : Design the strategy, Master the alternative

Implementing : Apply in the class

Observing : using assessment (during the process), and evaluation (after the process). Observing means collecting data anything related to criteria of success, not only about the score but other thing, e.g: interaction and/or motivation of the student.

Reflecting / Evaluating; comparing the result to the Criteria of Success (If it’s improved –> we succeed discovering new alternative, but if we fail –> revise again and back to Planning)

Example of Classroom Action Research design:

Research Problem: How can flashcard improve the mastery of vocabulary?

Research Objective: to improve the mastery of vocabulary by using flashcard?

Umarfauzan – Samarinda

One Response to “CAR”
  1. erry says:

    Perlu ditambahkan juga latar belakang dilakukan dan pelaksanaan PTK. Agar informasi lebih detil


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